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18 February 2012 @ 09:55 am
2011 was a bad year for me but It looks like things are improving. I have a job interview on Monday that I really hope will go well. It's for an company that does educational games. While I was an intern at Fablevison, I knew people did work for this company. So it's all within the same circles, which is a god thing.

I have been working on a a shirt design for Sasha that is coming out really awesome. I have contacted many t-shirt printers to give me a quote on this shirt and not one has contacted me. I even put out a Craigslist ad: http://boston.craigslist.org/gbs/crg/2857671782.html. Though today I may have found someone online who can do it, we'll see, my design is not finished yet anyway. It's been over a year since I've started work on this project on and off, it is really consuming my time. I'm ready for something new.

As to my last post forever ago (That only my live journal friends can see), things have improved on that front as well. I've begun another live journal for the stuff pertaining to that. The journal is public, vague, and I have told no one about it. But I'm OK with that. Weather people see it, comment on it I don't care. I just want it to be kept anonymous and not let my friends know it's me... Strangers only I guess?

I'm still slowly learning new words and phrases in Russian such as: "Hello." "My name is Coralee" "How are you?" What is your name?", "Nice to meet you." and then Sasha taught me: "Do you want a big black cock in your mouth?"... yeah good influence there Sasha... I'm sure that is a common Russian phrase I can use anywhere.

For now, I leave with a Russian music video with English subtitles. I didn't like his voice at first, but it grew on me. Even without knowing what the words mean you can feel the passion in his voice. Vladimir Vysotsky was a musical legend in Russia, and now I know why too.

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In a sort of last minute manner my Fiance Alex and I have decided to to move to an apartment. We moved a few weeks ago and don't really have any ambition to get internet or even TV at the house. So my plans to update That Girl of Barcelona to a functional status has yet again been delayed. I have gotten in or have been able to recover a few pieces or art work that were on my site. Most of the ones I can't recover are my own which is unfortunate. I only have internet at work and I can't use the work wireless without permission which I won't bother doing since I only would be able to work on the site only an hour a day during lunch.

In other news the wedding is 26 days away. YIKES! Most of what I needed to be done is done but details I could really care less about are really being stressed upon by the professionals doing them such as The Justice of the Peace asks me: "Who is escorting your Mother and the Groom's mother down the aisle?" and I say: "Who cares, they can sit in seat with everyone else. No one pays attention to the mother's getting escorted down the aisle." The wedding is an outside casual wedding. So there is a bunch of things on a usual bride's checklist that I cross off with a "who cares" and "why would I spend money on that shit?" I have been told $3,000 is far too little money for flowers for a wedding. I'm like seriously you're going to spend more than my car is worth on a bunch of dead plants? People are so ridiculous. Bottom Line is who you're marrying not what your wedding looked like. No one will remember it anyway.

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04 September 2009 @ 08:20 am
     It's been awhile since I've posted here but it's for good reason. I got a job at Turbine Games. For now it's just QA and they say "Temp" but they have a good rep for keeping their Temps and hiring them full time. Besides they have an entry-level animation position open. I just need to find the time to make a 3D animation demo reel. I'm still working at Zales just in case the temp thing does turn out to be temp so I do work a lot of hours but I like working at Turbine so it doesn't bother me much. But Oh the drama at Zales is endless.

     I'll keep it short. First they made everyone in the company go to a 9 hour meeting. It was pointless; I was pissed and wrote a really nasty comment on the survey afterwards. The district manager was pissed but I had no intention to apologize; especially after she tried to give me the "When you get out in the real world..." speech. Oh I hate that so much. I cut her off right there and told her not to patronize me. She said I had no real retail experience. She said my 8 years managing a toy store didn’t count because I didn't have a sale goal. She's full of shit. Besides she became District manager and she has never been in the jewelry business. So isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black. They wonder where all this negativity comes from. I hear nothing but shit and unhappiness from the full timers because to save money they cut their hours from 40 to 30 a week and give the part timers 40 or more hours a week since they get paid less and have no benefits. One full-timer had to arrange working at a Zales in another mall just to keep her house. It's disgusting.

     So before I get too riled up back to the happier news: Turbine is great and I wasn't sure if I would enjoy QA (which stands for Quality Assurance) or not but I do. Sure it's testing a video game over and over and being a game tester is highly misunderstood as sitting in front of a computer all day and playing games. It's not. It's testing a part of a game no matter how minor and making sure it works over and over. I work on Lord of the Rings Online. I know it's the game I wasn't too thrilled with when I first started playing it. But I figured out that a lot of their good features are not turned on by default and you have to set it like you want it and it greatly improves the game.
Weird thing happened to me yesterday. Noon at Turbine I walked around to see who was here to go out to lunch with. Steve and Natasha (My BF's sister and her husband who also now work at Turbine) had already left for lunch. I saw my friend Bob and he introduced me to a guy named Dan. Low and behold after talking with him I find out that he was the same Dan Ouellette who was in my 6th grade class at St. Elizabeth's School. As soon as we figured that out I said “You totally cheated at the science fair!” “Did not!” he said. Ok he didn’t cheat, but how I remembered it was his project broke before the judges could see his project. He doesn’t remember his project breaking. He won first place I won second place. Every time I look at that 2nd place trophy I think of him. Ironically I work with him. It was a very strange moment.

El Dorado Stuff:
I have stuff to update that I haven't in a month or two and I apologize. I didn't forget about it. Also I have a lot to work on soon as well since geocities is shutting down and most of the gallery images are on geocities. I will be moving them over to photobucket until I get to making the flash version of the site.  Hopefully you won't even notice the difference.

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19 July 2009 @ 10:42 am
Which modern invention do you think the world would be better off without?
The ipod, personal computer, mobile phone, and other modern pieces of technology that takes away the face to face human interaction.

The whole society is plugged in. No one talks to random strangers on the subway anymore.  We have teenagers who are texting each other while sitting next to each other in a living room. We have people with camera phones who take pictures of car accidents instead of helping the person in need. And then when we're lonely and looking for love.... we have websites like match.com to do that for us too.

We've become a pathetic species.

10 July 2009 @ 08:13 am
(If your reading this on facebook and pictures are not showing up you can view the original livejournal post here: CLICK)

Well here I am in partly-cloudy Huntersville, North Carolina just 15 minutes north of Charlotte. Why I'm here and why I had to come in the short notice of about a week is a bit of a story...

Since Kindergarten I've been best friends with this girl named Mary. I know none of my live journal friends and only a very select few of my facebook friends know her. Since I went to St. Elizabeth's School (A private catholic school) until sixth grade.

Me (on left) and Mary (on Right) in 1st grade in 1991

Mary's parents moved to Long Island, New York in 3rd grade and a few years after that moved to North Carolina. I was upset my best friend had to move away. We wrote lots of letters had some long distance phone calls. (And a bunch of free ones when we had the same cell phone service.) and there were a few e-mails thrown in.

Since then she was able to visit me twice. Once when her dad drove her and her brother up here in about 1996 for a day. And another about 2 years ago when she drove up here with her then BF "Smith." (She drove for 15 hours to come up to Rhode Island for two days.) I simply didn't have the money yet to come down to see her.

I have never known Mary to call me, even when we had free cell service. She never never been the first to call me (She wrote letters a lot more.)

A week ago Mary called me 3 times in one day when I saw it was her I called her back and asked her what was going on. I wasn't prepared for what she was going to tell me. Her fiancée Michael had died in a motorcycle accident. I was going to be the Maid of Honor at their wedding next year I even already had my dress for the wedding in my closet. I told her, "Mary I'm coming down as soon as I can". I explained what had happened to my Manager at Zales and since then she has tried to get someone to cover for me the one day I had to work in a 4 days span. I spare you the boring details but I had confirmed coverage 2 days before my flight. (I was going whether on not someone was covering at Zales honestly.)

Michael and Mary last year

So the little I know about her late fiancée is this: He was in the Navy and fought in the Gulf War on a battle ship and later was in the Air Force. He was interested in joining the National Guard. He was an avid biker. He was interested in racing motorcycles pro. He had been in 2 previous accidents. And always wears full gear when riding. Helmet, gloves, boots etc. including on the day he died. A car hit him and he flew off his motorcycle and snapped his neck. As far as we know there is still a pending investigation on what exactly happened.

So sparing many many details it's why I'm here in North Carolina. It was out of necessity. Mary is doing better that I had expected.

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22 June 2009 @ 09:21 am
I finished painting my very first mini yesterday. Not so bad if I do say so myself....it was a learning experience.

Now I'm sick and I have to go to work with this cold...it sucks.
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The latest job interview:

      This kind of goes along with my last post where I'm stuck in a rut and sick of filling out applications. I had an interview today at Zales that went so-so. I think I pinpointed why Swarovski never called me back (I'll get to that in a sec). I may have said some dumb things in the interview but the manager at Zales said she was very impressed by how I handled her test. She gave me a highlighter out of a box and told me "Sell me this pen." So I said something along the lines: "This pen is great because it's small and fits in to your pockets and it even has the hook to attach to a shirt so it won't easily get lost. It's also made by Bic which is a great company that's been around a long time so you know you're getting a quality highlighter that never dries out and is dependable." She said. "Wow I've never seen anyone able to pull that off so quick. That's great." She said her only concern was that I’ve never been in a retail job that had sales goals to meet and I think this is where Swarovski became concerned as well. Hell, I know I could do it if given the chance I just do a really bad job at selling myself.
     Interviewers keep asking me these questions about naming one good customer experience and one bad customer experience you've had. I freeze up I can't think of one. So many have been mediocre and I last worked in retail 2 years ago it's hard to remember. They especially ask about Victoria's Secret, which had no sales goals to meet. And if a customer had a problem with a product, me being the person at the front of the store couldn't handle their problem it was the cashier and manager's problem. I would have loved to help the customer if it was allowed. But Victoria's Secret has some retarded rules. So I'm stuck where I can't answer their questions and I suck at lying. With this interview at Zales I was automatically scheduled for a second interview when I was scheduled with the first. The second is on Monday with the harder to impress regional manager. I'm glad the first person; the store manager; whom I had the interview with today said she was the type of person who wants to give everyone a chance to prove themselves. I know what I'm going to do now on Monday with the regional manager. I'm going to be straight and tell her. "I'm great at selling anything to a customer and I would love to be given the chance at proving this to you. I'm just not so great at selling myself and I'm working on that."

New Myspace Page & Role Playing:

      I've updated my Myspace page, it matches my portfolio site and there is no more broken links of images and sites that I used to own that no longer exist (Such as X-Men Fantasies, a role playing group I had with Troy until the host server went out of business). I do miss role playing and I've role played a little with my Warhammer guild on their forums, but truth be told I'm no Warhammer master, all I know comes from the MMO and not the tabletop books, So I'm a little limited at playing a Dwarf. I'm also a stickler about miss spelling words but as a Dwarf, they talk a certain way. I have to write what I want to say and then edit for their accent. An example I wrote in my last post would be: "Aye," she said finishing her ale. "Tis a fine tool for an engineer." She said to the familiar Dwarf. "But that be th' problem, this was once me trusty hammer that had slain so many of those savage Greenskins." Speaking of the Greenskins, who are the Orcs and Goblins in Warhammer, they're probably the hardest for me to role-play, since their grammar is even worse because of their lack of intelligence. I try not to role play on my Greenskin characters in game.

     I used to have a playlist on my Myspace page and now I've chosen a single song to play on there instead. It’s one of my favorite Elton John songs off the 1973 Goodbye Yellow Brick Road Album. It's called "This Song Has No Title" and the piano music in it is just simply Elton's genius at his best, Bernie Taupin's lyrics are great too, the song is about the quest for infinite knowledge. It was never a single so if you don't have the album you've most likely have never heard it (I'm old Skool and I have the Goodbye Yellow Brick Road LP i.e. the actual record that I bought for 75¢ at a church bazaar, best 75¢ I ever spent). I keep forgetting to play the song for my Dad, I know after one or two listens he'll be able to play the song himself on the piano. My Dad always had a talent for that, he is a professional piano player. When he played in restaurants and bars as a kid and people would make requests, if my Dad didn't know the song he would ask the person to start singing it and my Dad just knew how to play it right then and there. I've always been curious if my Dad could do it to a song Sasha sings... simply because Sasha is completely tone deaf.

Babelfish is special:

      Babelfish is a fun tool; it takes words and sentences in other languages and "translates" them. I put that in quotes because it rides the short bus when it comes to Russian. At work Sasha has a Cyrillic (Russian Alphabet) keyboard that he uses at work sometimes. Some projects he is given he has to translate signs on 3D models into different languages, one of course being Russian. So before he had two computers at his desk when he was using the Cyrillic keyboard he would send me IMs in Russian (So he wouldn't have to unplug the Russian one and plug in the English one to type to me and vice versa.) This is where our endless entertainment from Babelfish came from. I would copy and paste what he said in Russian and a lot of the time the English translation didn't make any sense. Here's an example. I wrote to him "Bunnies are cute and fluffy creatures." in Babelfish Russian and sent it to him. He received from Babelfish "Зайчики милые и пушистые твари" which translates as "Sunbeam reflections are the dear and downy creatures". That one is no where near as special as what came out today, I wrote to him: "I love Russians whole bunches." Which came out: "Я люблю пуки русских все." Now when you take that Russian sentence and put it back into Babelfish to translate into English again it comes out kind of right. "I love the bunches of Russians all." except when you use the word "все" (Pronounced something like VE es ye) in a sentence in that way the meaning changes. It goes from meaning "bunches" to "farts" so when I sent it to him he read it as "I love all the farts of Russians." and he was like "WTH are you trying to say?!" Ah yeah, it was fun times.

New Submission Move:

     While play wrestling and harassing Sasha the other day, Sasha discovered a killer wrestling submission move. It involves being in the dominant stance in trying to get your opponent into an arm bar and with a twist of the hips and legs instantly moving into a surprise leg lock (Obviously it's hard to explain it without demonstration). He says he's never seen anything like it on TV or in fights and today he said while in the wrestling gym he tried it while wrestling a partner. His partner was like "DUDE WTF was that!? I was fighting off your arm bar and you put me in a leg lock!?" Sasha told him it's his "secret From Russia with Love move." I'm interested in having Sasha show the move to his Dad Slava in Maryland. His Dad was a big champion wrestler in Ukraine back in the day and if his Dad has never seen anything like it no one has.
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16 April 2009 @ 09:45 am
So this was the first year in the past 9 years that I didn't update my RtED site on March 31st. I didn't forget. It was more of a I'm too depressed about the whole not having a job situation to do anything about it. Hopefully the 10th anniversary next March 31st will make up with it... I want to get crack-a-lacking on making a flash version of the site not to mention finish those 2 pages I started....The Mexico photos page and the Collector's guide. My Laptop again is not behaving as it should which prevents me from updating. It's not a softwear thing it's more of a my screen wont stay up without suppot holding it up. The damn thing is 5 years old but I don't have the money to buy a new one and I really don't want to download ALL those files on the one I have at Sasha's House. So if you were wondering that's what happened.

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In Warhammer the four of us would LOVE to move on to the epic stuff in the endgame. One problem is to get into the highest level dungeon (Called the Lost Vale)...you have to collect all 5 pieces of Sentinel armor in Sigmar's Crypts and both Warpblade Tunnels. Basically if you don't have all sentinel gear and you go in there, the monsters "bend you over a barrel" as Sasha puts it and you get one-shotted.

Sentinel gear is the PVE Equivalent to the PVP Conqueror Gear which can be just as annoying to get. For Sentinel you have to do crypts/dungeons for a CHANCE that the piece you are looking for will drop....if it doesn't drop....well there's a 3 day lockout before you can try again. 3 days of finding something ELSE to do in the game.

Conqueror gear requires all the high level players on your side (We play Order ie the good guys.) to go on a rampage and start taking forts from Destruction. It's a long process that requires you to guard keeps for hours and traveling back and forth so zones will lock and the war will advance closer to the fort. Even if you get into the fort there is usually 150 other players also there.... and only 10 golden loot bags that will go to random people in the fort. So yeah slim chance of getting that.

As it stands I was lucky enough to get all my Sentinel gear in mostly one run. Sasha has most of his and Natasha has most of hers. Steve who is our main tank and is the MOST important person who needs that gear for Lost Vale has......2 pieces of 6. For whatever reason Sword Master (Steve's character class) gear has the lowest chance to drop. Since they added a new class to both sides.... the new class; the damn Slayer; has the highest chance of drop. At the most I'm guessing there are only about 5 Slayers  on the server that can wear that gear as of now. We've run the crypts/tunnel run about 12-13 times now.

Olganna's Full Sentinel:

So since we get it for free because Steve works for Turbine we installed Lord of the Rings Online. I know they stopped playing it originally because it's too ridiculously easy. So far I'm "meh" about the game. I'm the Minstrel which is a main healer and I find having to click on a monster to attack or a player to heal back and forth really annoying. In most games you have a Defensive target (another player) and an Offensive target (monster) that can be selected at the same time so you don't have to change your selection when you want to attack or heal.

There is one thing that that I find absolutely ingenious. LoTRO has a full player generated music system. Any class can play an instrument but because I'm the Minstrel class I can play ANY instrument. but the cool thing is: if you type /music you can actually use the keyboard to play notes. Shift raises the octave and CTRL on the right make sharps and CTRL on the left make flats (Or something like that...).

Here is a video of a player live in the game playing "Hotel California" by the Eagles on his lute.

Of course there are people who totally get into this and create a band this is Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd (remember this is something all the players have to coordinate and practice together doing at once in the game):

Only time will tell if I warm up to LoTRO. But what else do I have to do while waiting for Warhammer.....

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So I guess I've done a lot since my last post.. applied for more jobs, played some warhammer, started to texture Sasha's Knight model again. I'll just briefly go through them because like my subject says: I'm waiting for Mythic to fix their Warhammer Servers, they had a major patch today and it looks like something went wrong because all their servers are down.... those people are going to be working late tonight....

3D Knight TexturingCollapse )


The Providence Gay Bars...Collapse )


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